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Heirloom Tomato Salad being served at a Folktable catering table

Full-Service Catering

Whether it be a wine country wedding, a party at a private residence, or a corporate affair, we coordinate and manage all the details from staffing to flatware, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience for any event at any venue.

Farm to table ingredients

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Private Parties

Eclectic wooden table setting

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a chef wearing an apron standing and smiling with greenery in the background


a chef standing with greenery in the background


a woman standing and smiling with greenery in the background


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Small glasses with fresh juices
Sun setting shadows on a Folktable catering dining set up
Small appetizer bites from Folktable catering
Large pineapple basil ginger lemonade beverage dispenser
Guest serving themselves chicken from an appetizer basket
White fish dish with fresh garden garnishes and a sauce
Gold rimmed cocktail glass on a wooden board with citrus garnishes
Wine glass lifted to cheers over a set dining table outside
Folktable catering appetizers on a wooden platter
Stacks of glasses ready for use at outside Folktable catering event
Small sweet bites on plates from Folktable catering
Two friends chatting at a dining table outside with wine glasses
Two fruity citrus cocktails on a wooden table outside
Bread in a clothed basket on a set wooden table close up

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