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Full-Service Catering

Whether it be a wine country wedding, a party at a private residence, or a corporate affair, we coordinate and manage all the details from staffing to flatware, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience for any event at any venue.

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Private Parties

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Explore some of our past events

staff serving people at a catering event on a table full of plates glasses of wine and flower arrangements
grapes hazelnuts and a lot of other kind of seeds nicely served in a wood table tray
crunchy and juicy chicken wings with spices in a bowl
3 big jars of cold ice juice in a juice bar
impressively addorned salad with a sauce to go with it 1
orange with some grounded black pepper and spices as garnish on top
crackers nicely layed out in a flat plate in the middle of the table
womain holding a knife cutting a delicious sugar covered donut in half
tray of hamburgers with a blurred background of other foods
man holding a tray of small sushy looking snacks
spicy margarita cocktail with chilly flakes in the rim of the glass and some cilantro leaves as garnish
cocktail wth an orange segment inside the glass and a flower arrangement on the side as decoration
tray of little snacks that look like an empanada kind of thing
two cocktails one a margarita and the other one an organ cocktail

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